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Hello guys welcome to a new and fresh post of our blog. So today in this post we are going to talk about what is web hosting and how to get unlimited wordpress web hosting.

What Is Web Hosting :- 

Web hosting is a service which allows big or small organisations and individual people to post their websites or blogs on the internet to provide knowledge to internet users. A web hosting company or a web host provider is an business or organisation which provides users the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet online. If a user wants to browse your web pages then he/she will simply have to type your web address or domain name into their browsers search area. Then that data is transferred and their devices Ex :- Mobiles, Tablets, Computers, Laptops will connect to the servers that you have buyed from your web hosting service provider and they can easily view your webpages and website through their browser.
If you want to buy hosting most of the hosting provider companies will ask you to own a domain name to buy hosting and if you don’t have one then they’ll help to get one. Many hosting companies provide some hosting plan in which they offer you a free domain name if you buy a particular hosting plan from their website.

2. How To Find Best Hosting Provider :-

So if you are searching for a best hosting provider then you should take in mind that your monthly web hosting provider is giving you some most useful features which are as follows :-

2.1. Professional Email Id :- 

mentioned above your hosting provider will ask you to own a  domain name. So you must see that your hosting provider asks you for a professional buisness email account for Ex :- will be a professional email address for the website

2.2. FTP Support :- 

FTP [ File Transfer Protocol ] lets you upload files from your local computer to your web server if you design your website on your own by html programming. So the File Transfer Protocol allows you to transfer files from your local disk of your computer to your web servers to make your website accessible on internet through browsers [ Ex,  Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc ] …

2.3. WordPress Support :-

 Wordpress is a online tool which helps you to create your website easily. Its the best blogging tool just like an upgraded version of .
WordPress powers over more than 25% websites on internet. Most of the hosting providers will directly tell you that their plans are wordpress compatible or not. They’ll tell you that if they have some special plans for wordpress also.
You will need PHP version 7 or above and MySQl version 5.6 or greater to host your wordpress website.

3 . Best Hosting Provider :-

3.1. :- is one of the best hosting provider companies in today’s date.
Siteground was founded in 2004 by some friends studying in same university college.
In today’s date it provides their services to over 1.8 Million domains today.
If you want to buy Best Web hosting wordpress india then you can go for this site. You can choose the best plan for your website according to your need from this site.
This Website provides you shared hosting, cloud hosting, best monthly wordpress web hosting and dedicated servers  as well as email hosting and domain registration for their users.
3.2  DreamHost :- is also one of the best unlimited wordpress web hosting provider.
DreamHost is a Los Angeles based Hosting Provider and Domain name Registrar which is owned by New Dream Network,  LLC which was founded in 1996.
Dreamhost is also an award winning wordpress host company and it is also one of the four hosting companies suggested by wordpress to their users. Dreamhsot also provides their users 100% uptime of website. And it provides their hostinv services over 1,500,000 Websites [ 1.5Million Websites ] and to 400k users.
So above are some of the best hosting providers which you can use to host your website.
Personal Opinion
if you ask me if I’ve to buy a hosting for my site then which hosting will i buy then I’ll suggest you to buy an web hosting from Dreamhost because this website provides you best and cheap web hosting for your site and it also provides you 100% uptime for your website and it is also a award winning wordpress web hosting provider.
And it also provides you a free hosting for 1 day if you website servers get down for 1 hour only. So its my personal opinion that you can trust blindfolded.

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